Masatha Company was established for the purpose of active participation and architectural development of re-building which is taking place in Iraq generally and in Kurdistan region particularly, through the provision of engineering and consulting services for projects to be executed or anticipated. These include:

- Business services
- Soil investigations
- Basic and final design of irrigation and drain systems
- Projects bridges
- Electrical
- Tourism Complex
- Water nets
- Sewage system
- Road works
- Construction works
- Topographical survey
- Geophysical survey
- Preparation of various studies: environmental, geological, financial and economic feasibility of all projects.

Long Term Goals

Which is the last stage and the objectives of this phase are summarized as follows:

1. To continue company's work of the previous phases.

2. Access to self-sufficiency in terms of potential, capacity and taking advantage of the skills and experience gained during previous stages while staying up to date on scientific and technical developments taking place in the world to do design works similar to advanced companies in the same field.

Completed Projects

KAR Group and Ministry of Water Resources - KRG

Included conducting surveys, topographic, soil investigations...

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Soil Investigations for KAR Group


Masatha Company carried out soil investigations for Sub Station #6...

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Soil-Oil Investigation for Hemn Group

Masatha company carried out the investigation of soil-oil tanks in Kourkosk...

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Soil Investigations for Qwan Company

Masatha Company carried out soil investigations for Bazian refinery project...

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