Concrete, Asphalt and Steel Lab

Picture/Model Factory Technical Data
Diamond core drill
Metal Cube Mould (4-Parts) EN12390-1, -2 ; DIN 51229 Standard Application. Specification: 150×150×150mm Material: cast-iron
Automatic Compression Testing Machine. Max testing power 3000KN and 2000 KN
Cement Mixer( 5L Volume) Application: It is an equipment to test strength of cement mortar and complies with the test method ISO679:1989.
Slumb test
Concrete Test Hammer
Ultrasonic Detector for concrete fracture, surface defect thickness
Troxler Pave Tracker Plus Non-nuclear Electromagnetic Sensing Device for Asphalt pavement density Testing
Computerized Electro-hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine measuring the tensile, compression, bending and shearing test of metal and non-metal. Control range of stress rate: 1-60MPa/S. Max. test force: 1000 kN

Completed Projects

KAR Group and Ministry of Water Resources - KRG

Included conducting surveys, topographic, soil investigations...

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Soil Investigations for KAR Group


Masatha Company carried out soil investigations for Sub Station #6...

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Soil-Oil Investigation for Hemn Group

Masatha company carried out the investigation of soil-oil tanks in Kourkosk...

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Soil Investigations for Qwan Company

Masatha Company carried out soil investigations for Bazian refinery project...

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