Masatha Company (balance) began working through a cadre of consultants and engineers specializing in implementing a set of design works, feasibility studies and soil investigation works for local companies as a subcontractor under the contracts of these companies with government and private sector corporations. Due to the expansion of work later because of the professional staff and the good reputation developed as a result was the formation of an engineering bureau under the name of Akito Engineering which implemented a number of other projects.
And upon the desire of management to expand its business and strengthen its capacity via importing soil equipment, devices and integrated laboratory for construction material and investigations as well as contracting with cadres of qualified engineers and technicians and complete the building of the laboratory and headquarters of the administration generated the need for the establishment of a multi-activities and event company. Thus, Masatha Construction, Engineering Design and Construction laboratories Ltd. was initiated.

Our Goals

- Short Term Goals

The first phase of the company's life, which is scheduled for three years and the aims of this period are summarized as follows:


1. The establishment of the laboratory construction activates its role in supporting ongoing projects in Kurdistan region and Iraq.

2. The execution of soil investigations and making maximum use of the Company's equipment.

3. Participate in government tenders for design projects regarding irrigation, electricity, housing and all infrastructure projects.

4. Participate in tenders for the implementation of a specific and professional project.

5. Prepare and train the cadres of specialized design engineers and technicians of the laboratory for the purpose of supporting and strengthening the requirements of Phase II.

- Medium Term Goals

Which is the second phase of the company's life, extending from the fourth year and until the tenth year and the goals of this phase are summarized as follows:

1. To continue the first phase works.

2. Open other branches of the laboratory in Kurdistan region and Iraq.

3. Increasing the capital of the company and get higher degree of classification.

4. Hiring further cadres for the company.

5. Participation with foreign companies to do some special designs.

Completed Projects

KAR Group and Ministry of Water Resources - KRG

Included conducting surveys, topographic, soil investigations...

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Soil Investigations for KAR Group


Masatha Company carried out soil investigations for Sub Station #6...

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Soil-Oil Investigation for Hemn Group

Masatha company carried out the investigation of soil-oil tanks in Kourkosk...

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Soil Investigations for Qwan Company

Masatha Company carried out soil investigations for Bazian refinery project...

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